Cleerline SSF™ Stronger, Safer, Faster-to-terminate fiber uses an innovative Glass-Glass-Polymer design. The integral SSF™ polymer coating dramatically improves bend insensitivity and strength allowing fiber termination in as little as one minute.

SSF™ fiber has up to 2-3 times the pull force tolerance of traditional fiber, with up to 10,000 times the bend capacity of other bend insensitive fibers on the market.

The increased flexibility of SSF™ makes it safer to handle and less prone to breakage. SSF™ polymer coating prevents glass from puncturing the skin and protects the optical fibers from dust and contamination.

SSF™ polymer coating makes it possible to terminate SSF™ fiber in as little as one minute. The simplified SSF™ termination process requires far less training than traditional fiber, translating into further time savings.

Fiber infrastructure requires more than just cable. Construction, maintenance and protection require specific hardware, tools, connectors and accessories for a long lasting and safe data network.

Network components are integral part of an infrastructure. Find our line of network extenders, switches and accompanying accessories.

A complete fiber distribution frame, creates an environment for easier maintenance as well as protection of the fiber infrastructure. Find our line of rack enclosures, wall enclosures as well as other accessories.

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