Become a certified Cleerline SSF™ Fiber Installer through hands-on training! Learn to specify, terminate, and test Cleerline SSF™ fiber. Call 866-469-2487 for more information on the Cleerline SSF™ Training Academy.


Exciting news for those in the fiber optic industry! Cleerline Academy is offering Level 2 training in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and expertise in fiber optic termination and maintenance. Don’t miss out on this chance to advance your career and stay ahead of the game. Sign up now and join the ranks of top-notch fiber optic professionals.Training can be complete in our Las Vegas Office with our Training Team. Fully online training options will be available soon.  Contact us for information on future sessions!


  • Benefits to using fiber for IT/Datacomm and A/V signal distribution applications.
  • Basic fiber optic elements and key terminology.
  • Fiber cable constructions and applications.
  • Fiber connector types and applications.
  • Cleerline SSF™ fiber termination.
  • Fiber testing procedure and understanding results.


All attendees will leave the course with their own Cleerline SSF™ Installer Certification test.


To register, fill out and return the registration form for your preferred location. The course fee is $500 per person and may be paid via credit card.

The course fee includes:

  • Overview of traditional fiber
  • Demonstration of traditional fiber preparation and termination
  • Traditional fiber best practices/requirements (bend radius, stripping, cleaning, etc.)
  • Bend insensitive vs. SSF
  • Issues with micro/macro fractures
  • Issues with dirt/moisture
  • Termination and testing of SSF fiber
  • Fiber construction types
  • Link budget calculation
  • Link polarity management
  • Fanout/breakout demonstration
  • Lacing of an enclosure
  • Media conversion & extension
  • CTS & CEU credit eligibility