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Cleerline™ Fiber Termination Kits offer everything you need for your mechanical fiber termination needs. The SSF-FKIT02E Basic Kit includes a high-precision wheel cleaver, visual fault locator, and essential tools. The several tools included in the kit, are all you need to be able to terminate SSF™ fibers.

For traditional fiber needs, the SSF-FKIT03P Pro Kit provides additional necessary tools, such as fiber cleaning solution, cleaning wipes and safety glasses. It also comes with several other tools to assist in any type of fiber termination, whether single jacket or double jacketed fiber.

Both kits come in rugged cases to keep tools organized and protected, ensuring they are ready for any field repair or installation. Whether you need a basic or professional solution, Cleerline™ Fiber Termination Kits offer the precision, reliability, and convenience necessary for your termination needs.

  • Basic Kit: Terminate any and all SSF™ fibers with minimal tooling required.
  • Professional Kit: Includes all necessary tools to terminate Traditional and SSF™ fibers.
  • Mechanical Termination: For use with any connector system without proprietary locking mechanisms.
  • High-Precision Wheel Cleaver: Factory-adjusted to perfectly cleave Cleerline SSF™ fiber, ensuring precise and accurate terminations.
  • Visual Fault Locator: Operates at a 650 nm visible wavelength for easy verification of terminations, enhancing troubleshooting and maintenance efficiency.
  • Adjustable Cleaver Blade: Provides up to 48,000 cleaves with easy blade position adjustment, maximizing tool longevity and performance.
  • Universal Cable Holder: Accommodates fibers ranging from 250 µm to 3.0 mm in diameter, offering versatility for different cable types.
  • Comprehensive Toolset: Includes essential tools like aramid scissors, tri-hole fiber strippers, and fiber optic cleaning supplies, ensuring you have everything needed for efficient fiber termination.
  • Rugged Carrying Case: Protects and organizes all kit contents, making it easy to transport and access tools during field repairs and installations.
Fiber Termination Kits

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