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Cleerline™ SSF-CKIT01E Ensure the highest quality and performance of your fiber optic connections. With a comprehensive kit that includes any and all tools to maintain your connector end faces, improving connection and reliability.

The SSF-CKIT01E kit is packed with essential cleaning tools such as “One-Click” end face cleaners, Optipop-style cleaners, wipes, swabs, and a cleaning spray. Whether you need to perform wet or dry cleaning, this kit has you covered. It’s perfect for cleaning SC, LC, MPO/MTP connectors and bulkhead connectors, ensuring your fiber optic network operates at its peak.

Dirty connectors can lead to poor performance and inaccurate test results. By regularly cleaning your fiber optic connectors with the SSF-CKIT01E, you can prevent these issues, resulting in a more reliable and efficient network. This kit is an invaluable tool for network maintenance, splice preparation, and fiber optic testing, making it a must-have for any technician.

All the cleaning tools and consumables come in a convenient plastic case, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. The compact design ensures that you can take the kit wherever you go, making on-the-go maintenance and testing a breeze.

  • Connector End Face Cleaning: Ensure optimal performance by maintaining clean connector end faces, reducing signal loss and improving connection quality.
  • Bulkhead Connector Cleaning: Efficiently clean through bulkhead and feed-thru adapters, enhancing the reliability of your network infrastructure.
  • Network Maintenance: Essential for routine network maintenance, keeping your fiber optic connections in top condition for consistent performance.
  • Splice Preparation and Fiber Optic Testing: Prepare connectors for splicing and ensure accurate test results by removing contaminants and debris with both wet and dry cleaning methods.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning Tools: Includes “One-Click” end face cleaners, Optipop-style cleaner, wipes, swabs, and cleaning spray for thorough cleaning.
  • Versatile Cleaning Methods: Supports both wet and dry cleaning methods, adaptable to various connector types including SC, LC, and MPO/MTP.
  • Improved Connection Quality: Enhances fiber optic performance by ensuring clean connectors, reducing signal loss, and improving overall connection reliability.
  • Convenient and Organized Storage: Comes in a durable plastic case that keeps all cleaning tools and consumables neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • Wide Compatibility: Effective for cleaning a wide range of connectors, including 2.5mm and 1.25mm connectors, bulkhead connectors, and through adapters.
  • Enhanced Testing Accuracy: Improves the accuracy of fiber optic testing by eliminating contaminants from connector end faces.
  • No Hazardous Materials: Contains safe, non-hazardous cleaning tools and sprays, suitable for all environments

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