It’s a no Brainer

Clearline has allowed us to use fiber on nearly every project without the time or labor costs of other fiber brands. From long fiber HDMI runs to future 10gig connections we are covered. It’s a no brainer.

Products and the Support are Best in the Industry

We have been using Cleerline fiber exclusively for years and we specify their products on all our projects. Their products and the support are best in the industry. The fiber is extremely durable and reliable and the connectors and breakout

We are Cleerline Fans!

Cleerline and the people at Cleerline have been instrumental in helping to move our Fiber experience and success forward. Whether it’s the products or the people, all are top notch, professional and great to work with. We are Cleerline fans!!

Everything Turned Out Great!

We were able to watch the video and figure out how to get all the fiber terminated and tested on our end. We ran all the way up from the main house down to the dock for both a wireless

Product of Choice

The quality of the product, the fantastic service from everyone at Cleerline and the ease of termination make this fiber our product of choice for all of our fiber needs.

Amazing Customer Service

I want to thank you both for going above and beyond the call of duty at the last minute for us this past week. I have never experienced amazing customer service as outstanding that you both have provided