It’s a no Brainer

Clearline has allowed us to use fiber on nearly every project without the time or labor costs of other fiber brands. From long fiber HDMI runs to future 10gig connections we are covered. It’s a no brainer.

Products and the Support are Best in the Industry

We have been using Cleerline fiber exclusively for years and we specify their products on all our projects. Their products and the support are best in the industry. The fiber is extremely durable and reliable and the connectors and breakout

We are Cleerline Fans!

Cleerline and the people at Cleerline have been instrumental in helping to move our Fiber experience and success forward. Whether it’s the products or the people, all are top notch, professional and great to work with. We are Cleerline fans!!

Ease of Use

We chose to use fiber on all of our projects because of the versatility and future-proofing of the technology. We chose Cleerline because of the ease of use for our techs and durability of the cable. A+++

Perfect Solution

The cable supplied by Cleerline did the job without any issues whatsoever.  It was the perfect solution for the huge driveway we had to deal with.  We have invested in the termination kit and will now look to start installing


You guys are FANTASTIC! You’ve definitely created a HUGE cheerleader for Cleerline products for LIFE!