Residential Solutions


Support growing residential bandwidth demands with fiber optic solutions from Cleerline SSF™.

Residential Solutions Illustration
Residential Solutions

General Residential Prewire

Minimum: 2 – 6 Strands


Network Switch to Access Point

Minimum: 2 Strands


Equipment to Displays

Minimum: 2 Strands

Preferred: 2 – 4 Strands


Network Switch to Network Switch

Minimum: 2 Strands

Preferred: 4 – 12 Strands


A/V Rack to A/V Rack

Minimum: 2 Strands

Preferred: 4 – 12 Strands


Security Cameras & Media Converters

Minimum: 2 Strands

Preferred: 2 – 4 Strands

Service Demarc to Cable Distribution

Minimum: 2 Strands Single Mode

ISP Modem to Cable Distribution

Minimum: 2 Strands Single Mode

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Our technology means that SSF™ cables are Stronger, Safer, and Faster-to-terminate than traditional fibers.

Micro Distribution

Bulk Fiber

Bulk fiber optic cabling solutions constructed with SSF™ technology for faster and easier installation. Cables are available in single mode and multimode, with a variety of jacketing types to meet application requirements.

Multimode LC


Efficient connectivity solutions, including SSF™ Mechanical Splice Connectors. Connectors are available in single mode or multimode. Their specialized design and large verification window allows efficient termination.


Fan Out Kits



All the tools you need for fiber termination, testing, and cleaning. Available in convenient kits, with additional hand tools also available separately. Each termination kit includes a cleaver pre-adjusted for use with SSF™ Stronger, Safer, Faster optical fiber.



Find the enclosures and adapters you need for your structured cabling applications. Rack and wall mount enclosures are available in a range of sizes to fit the needs of your site.

Patch Cables

Patch Cables

Utilize SSF™ optical fiber in convenient pre-made patch cables and interconnects. Custom patch cables are also available.

Duplex Patch Cables

SSF™ Cleerfiber

SSF 8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cable

Active Optical

Support 8K resolutions with Cleerline SSF™ 8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables. Built with 4 strands of SSF™ optical fiber.

8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables

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Without Any Problems

Just wanted to let you know that I got the fiber ran and terminated and it all went off without any problems… they are extremely ecstatic about it…so much the network guys would eventually like me to replace the rest of the fiber on the estate..

Doug Sharp
DSI Electronics

Above and Beyond Expectations

Thank you SO MUCH for the LC ends!  Greatly appreciated and above and beyond expectations! Thank you guys so much for the help.

John Iveland
Alextronics Inc


You guys are FANTASTIC! You’ve definitely created a HUGE cheerleader for Cleerline products for LIFE!

Spencer Marks
Southland Comm

Amazing Customer Service

I want to thank you both for going above and beyond the call of duty at the last minute for us this past week. I have never experienced amazing customer service as outstanding that you both have provided

John Gebhardt

Product of Choice

The quality of the product, the fantastic service from everyone at Cleerline and the ease of termination make this fiber our product of choice for all of our fiber needs.

Marty Hayse
Dennis Sage Home Entertainment

The Complete Package

Cleerline Fiber is the complete package! The technology, the components, the tools, the training and above all, THE DEALER SUPPORT, is what makes this system the best in the industry. With Cleerline, fiber specification and use are not to be feared, but embraced.  Your products and company culture stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Frederic Paradis
Maverick Integration

Perfect Solution

The cable supplied by Cleerline did the job without any issues whatsoever.  It was the perfect solution for the huge driveway we had to deal with.  We have invested in the termination kit and will now look to start installing fiber in all future jobs.

James Owens
Halo AV Ltd.

Ease of Use

We chose to use fiber on all of our projects because of the versatility and future-proofing of the technology. We chose Cleerline because of the ease of use for our techs and durability of the cable. A+++

Christopher Sterle
Acoustic Design Systems

Everything Turned Out Great!

We were able to watch the video and figure out how to get all the fiber terminated and tested on our end. We ran all the way up from the main house down to the dock for both a wireless access point and a couple cameras. Everything turned out great!

Mark Buzzard
Liberty Bell Smart Home



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Residential Solutions