Networking Applications

Fiber optic cable provides a simple solution for high-bandwidth networking applications. Easily span extended distances by utilizing a fiber optic cable between SFP (small form-factor pluggable) modules in network switches and media converters.

The diagram above shows a duplex fiber optic cable between a network switch and a fiber to RJ45 media converter. In general, a minimum of two strands of fiber are recommended for networking applications.

Remember, ensure that your switches, SFP modules, connectors, and fiber cable are all rated for the same fiber type (single mode or multimode). In general, we recommend multimode OM3 for fiber runs up to 1000 feet or 300 meters. Single mode is generally recommended for distances above this, although it can also be utilized at shorter distances.

Featured Solutions

Duplex Fiber


Two strands of fiber in a zipcord jacket. Available rated for riser or plenum and in single mode or multimode.

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Micro Distribution

Micro Distribution

For higher volume installations, multiple fibers within one overall jacket. Riser or plenum and single mode or multimode.

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LC Connector


SFP modules and networking applications frequently require LC connectors. This varies by device.

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Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Patch Cables

We have many configurations of pre-terminated patch cables, including LC/LC, SC/SC, and LC/SC.

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Fiber Optic Enclosure


Use enclosures to distribute higher volumes of cables to multiple switches or zones.

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Fiber Optic Adapter Plates

Adapter Plates

Adapter plates are compatible with all SSF™ enclosures and are also LGX-118 compatible.

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Fiber Optic Termination Kit

Termination Kits

Termination kits contain all the tools need for successful fiber optic termination. Precision wheel cleavers included.

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Fiber Optic Testing Kit

Testing Kits

Use testing kits to verify or certify links. Kits include optical power meters and light sources.

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Fiber Termination in 1 Minute – Or Less!

Fiber termination is easy with Cleerline SSF™ technology. SSF™ patented polymer coating ensures stronger fiber, safer handling, and faster termination.

Safe Bet on Big Fiber

Learn how Cleerline SSF™ was essential to a major network upgrade at the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel.

This major project – involving 3,000 guest rooms and 225,000 square feet of conference space – took only 3 months.