Residential Guidelines

Selecting Fiber Type and Count

Learn the difference between single mode and multimode fiber, include signal ranges and distance limitations. Find out how to choose the correct number of fiber strands.

SSF Cable Configuration Comparison Chart

Choosing a Fiber Cable Configuration

Choosing a fiber cable configuration? Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cables are available in most typical industry cable constructions. These include Simplex or Duplex, Micro Distribution types, or Armored and Direct Burial constructions.

Connector Types

Choosing Fiber Optic Connectors

There are quite a few different styles of connectors. In the USA for networking and audio/video, the three most popular styles are LC, SC, and ST. LC and SC tend to be the most commonly used styles. Today, ST connectors are seeing more limited usage.

Busting Myths About Fiber

Myths About Fiber

Fiber is easier to work with than you think. In fact, it is easier than ever before thanks to Cleerline SSF™ fiber. We’re here to bust common myths about fiber optics and to explain why adopting fiber for use today allows for easier transitions to new technology tomorrow.

Fiber Build Up Options

Fan Out Kits: When and Why

One of the most common installation questions we get is whether a fan out kit or a breakout kit is required. It’s a good question, and, as per usual, the answer depends on the installation requirements.

Fiber Optic Technology

Copper vs Fiber: Why Switch?

IP traffic continues to rise globally, with experts predicting up to a 30% increase by 2022. Especially as workers continue to operate remotely, fast and reliable signal transmission is vital.


Fiber Scary Stories

Fiber Scary Stories

It’s almost Halloween, and what’s scarier something going wrong with your fiber installation?  Don’t try to find an exorcist. We’re here to help with problems, even if the situation makes you feel like you’ve been cursed. CLEAVER WON’T CLEAVE Ready

Cleerline SSF

Simplify Networks with Fiber

Simplify Your Networks with SSF™ Fiber Take Advantage of Fiber Optic Technology with Cleerline SSF™ A version of this article was originally published as part of NSCA’s 2021 P2P Conference. Early, traditional fiber optic technology was no walk in the

Meet Cleerline

Meet Cleerline

We’re Cleerline Technology Group. What does that mean? You’re probably here because of Cleerline SSF™ Stronger, Safer, Faster-to-terminate fiber optic cable.  As you know, our line of Complete Fiber Optic Solutions includes all the items you need for your fiber

Fiber Port ID

Fiber Ports

Identifying Fiber Ports Choosing fiber connector type depends on the equipment in use.  What do you do, however, in situations where you do not know the requirements? If facing a switch, SFP, or other item and not sure of the

Why Install Fiber

Why Install Fiber

Why Install Fiber? How can fiber optic cable make a difference in your home (FTTH) and premise (FTTP) installations?  Fiber provides a high bandwidth, durable, and long-lasting solution. High Bandwidth and Distance As of March 2020, the average US household


Case Study

Case Study: Installing Fiber in Adverse Conditions with Security 101 Using Cleerline SSF™ Fiber to Upgrade a Camera Network Some installation conditions are more challenging than others.  This was particularly true for Security 101, a leading commercial integration company, on

Armored Cable Types

Choosing Armored Cable

We currently offer two different types of armored cables: Aluminum Interlocking Armored and Armored Corrugated Steel. These cables provide the ultimate in protection, keeping optical fibers safe from impacts or industrious rodents.


Fiber Optic Testing

Fiber optic testing is essential for certifying installed links and for necessary troubleshooting. Knowing testing procedures and how to develop a link loss budget is key to installation and testing success.

280 million kilometers fiber

Prosper at the Speed of Light

Is your data infrastructure ready for the demands of the 21st century? In this case study, Prosper at the Speed of Light, learn the best way to prepare for the ever-growing Internet of Things. Category cable is increasingly incapable of

Multimode Fiber

Single Mode vs. Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

Many decisions come into play when installing fiber optic cabling.  By far, one of the most important questions is whether to install single mode or multimode.  This decision has huge implications for your network’s distance, bandwidth, and budget, so it’s vital to understand the differences between these two types of fiber optic glass.


White Paper: Residential Installations

Whitepaper: General Guidelines for Residential Installations Choosing the correct fiber optic cable configuration is one of the most common difficulties in fiber installations. This white paper provides general guidelines for fiber type and strand count in residential installations. The included