Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies

Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies

Cleerline SSF™ offers a variety of fiber optic cleaning kits, items and supplies.



Part NumberDescription
SSF-1CLK-LCLC One Click Type (LC/MU) 1.25mm
SSF-1CLK-SCSC One Click (SC/MU) 2.5mm
SSF-AQUAKLEENWater based fiber optic cleaner, 2oz finger spray bottle.
SSF-CLN-CUBE120 wipes per cube.
SSF-IPA-99Fiber optic 99.7% Pre-moistened alcohol wipes. 50 pack
SSF-OPT-RRefillable cassette cleaner for 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm ferrule connectors
SSF-OPT-RFLReplacement reels for cartridge cleaner
SSF-SWAB-125SSF™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs allow easy cleaning of bulkhead adapters, 1.25 mm (LC). 50 Pack
SSF-1CLK-LC Dry cleaning method
SSF-1CLK-LC Dry cleaning method
SSF-AQUAKLEEN Wet cleaning method
SSF-CLN-CUBE Wet or dry cleaning method
SSF-IPA-99 Wet cleaning method
SSF-OPT-R Dry cleaning method
SSF-SWAB-125 Wet cleaning method


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