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Cleerline™ Feedthrough Adapters offer simplex and duplex connections for LC and SC connectors, supporting single-mode (OS2) and multimode (OM2, OM3, OM4) fibers. Featuring zirconia ceramic sleeves, these adapters ensure low insertion loss and high performance, ideal for reliable network connections.

The SSF™ Hybrid Adapters connect different connector types, such as SC to LC, in both single-mode and multimode fibers. Keystone inserts provide easy integration into standard wall plates for organized fiber connections. These adapters and inserts meet TIA/EIA transmission standards, ensuring quality and compatibility across various applications.

Cleerline’s adapters and inserts are essential for any modern fiber optic infrastructure, offering reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

  • Simplex and Duplex Configurations: Available for LC and SC connectors.
  • Single-mode and Multimode Support: Compatible with OS2, OM2, OM3, and OM4 fibers.
  • Zirconia Ceramic Sleeves: Ensure low insertion loss and high performance.
  • Hybrid Adapters: Enable connections between different connector types (SC to LC).
  • Keystone Inserts: Fit standard wall plates for organized fiber connections.

Worked in fiber for 24 years

“I’ve worked in fiber for 24 years and I’ve never seen a fiber you can tie a knot in.”

Lead Service Technician, Blackfoot Communications