Wall Enclosures

Cleerline wall enclosures utilize the LGX-118 platform and are a pefect solution to support patching and splicing in one unit.

Adapter Plates & Accessories

Cleerline adapter plates provide a convenient interface for connecting fiber optic connectors, allowing for easy and efficient cross-connection and termination of fiber optic cables within a structured cabling system.

2RU Rack Enclosure

Rack Enclosures

Cleerline rack enclosures utilize the LGX-118 platform and include a slide out master panel that allows for easy access of terminations, fiber management and splicing. All include recessed and flush mount rack ears

Outdoor Terminal Boxes

Cleerline outdoor terminal boxes provide secure protection for terminations in OSP environments. Designed to maximize efficiency, allowing easy access to feedthrough adapters while using the least amount of space possible.


Each cassette comes preloaded with 12-24 x 900 µm 1 meter long fiber pigtails, eliminating the need for a separate splice tray.