Fiber information

Fiber information

Fiber Scary Stories

Fiber Scary Stories

It’s almost Halloween, and what’s scarier something going wrong with your fiber installation?  Don’t try to find an exorcist. We’re here to help with problems, even if the situation makes you feel like you’ve been cursed. CLEAVER WON’T CLEAVE Ready

Cleerline SSF

Simplify Networks with Fiber

Simplify Your Networks with SSF™ Fiber Take Advantage of Fiber Optic Technology with Cleerline SSF™ A version of this article was originally published as part of NSCA’s 2021 P2P Conference. Early, traditional fiber optic technology was no walk in the

Terminal Boxes and Adapters

Outdoor Terminal Boxes

In addition to bulk fiber optic cable, Cleerline offers the end-to-end solutions needed for installations, including enclosures and adapter plates. Along with indoor wall mount and rack enclosures, we now offer outdoor terminal boxes in a range of sizes.

Termination Kits

Fiber Termination Tools

Terminating fiber optic cable requires special considerations and some specific tools. We have everything you need in convenient termination kits. Some of the most important tools are outlined in this article.

Armored Cable Types

Choosing Armored Cable

We currently offer two different types of armored cables: Aluminum Interlocking Armored and Armored Corrugated Steel. These cables provide the ultimate in protection, keeping optical fibers safe from impacts or industrious rodents.


Fiber Optic Testing

Fiber optic testing is essential for certifying installed links and for necessary troubleshooting. Knowing testing procedures and how to develop a link loss budget is key to installation and testing success.