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Discover the ultimate in high-definition connectivity with Cleerline’s range of HDMI cables, designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern audiovisual installations. Whether you’re setting up a home theater, professional AV system, or any other high-resolution setup, our cables ensure unparalleled performance and reliability.

Planet Waves™ Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables are high performance units, supporting up to 8K UHD resolution at 48 Gbps. Certified for HDMI 2.1, these cables offer the highest signal transfer quality, supporting Dynamic HDR, Wide Color Gamut, and enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC). With features like Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, these cables ensure a smooth and immersive viewing experience. Available in lengths from 0.5 meters to 3.0 meters, they are perfect for any installation where signal integrity is necessary.

For longer distance applications, Cleerline’s SSF™ 8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables deliver exceptional performance. Utilizing SSF™ fiber optic technology, these cables support up to 10K resolution and 48 Gbps bandwidth, offering high durability and flexibility. They are designed with a plenum-rated jacket for in-wall installations and feature directional connector heads for easy identification. These cables excel in reducing EMI and latency, making them ideal for environments with significant electrical interference. Available in lengths from 5 meters to 40 meters, they bridge the gap between traditional HDMI installations and fiber optic solutions without the need for additional extenders.

Both the Ultra High Speed and SSF™ Active Optical HDMI cables are equipped with the latest HDMI 2.1 features, including High Dynamic Range (HDR), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and support for up to 120 fps/Hz. They provide a seamless audio-visual experience with support for eARC, ensuring that audio quality matches the stunning visuals. The SSF™ cables also offer the unique advantage of being re-terminable, allowing for future modifications without replacing the entire cable.

Cleerline SSF™ 8K Ultra High Definition HDMI Active Optical Cables (AOC) provide the ultimate in signal transfer at 48 Gbps.

These cables bridge the gap between shorter-distance HDMI installations and longer-distance fiber installations. In longer-distance applications, they also reduce needed materials by eliminating the immediate need for HDMI over fiber extenders.

All Cleerline SSF™ 8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables are constructed using 4 strands of SSF™ fiber optic glass alongside copper wire. The internal fibers feature SSF™ Glass, Glass, Polymer construction, creating a fiber that is much more durable and flexible than traditional fiber optic cable.

Offering incredible 8K UHD signal transfer, these cables provide everything needed for the highest quality transmissions, including HDR, ARC, and more. All cables feature a plenum outer jacket.

  • 8K UHD Resolution Support: Both Ultra High Speed and Active Optical HDMI cables support up to 8K resolution, ensuring the highest quality video output.
  • High Bandwidth: Achieve data transfer rates up to 48 Gbps, supporting 10K resolution and 120 fps/Hz for Ultra High Speed HDMI cables, and the same high performance for Active Optical HDMI cables.
  • Dynamic HDR and Wide Color Gamut: Enjoy vibrant and realistic images with support for Dynamic HDR and Wide Color Gamut (WCG).
  • Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC): Experience high-quality, uncompressed audio that matches the superior visual output.
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): Reduce lag and improve smoothness in video playback and gaming with VRR support.
  • Incremental Lengths for Perfect Fit: Ultra High Speed HDMI cables are available in lengths from 0.5 meters to 3.0 meters, while Active Optical HDMI cables range from 5 meters to 40 meters, catering to various installation needs.

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