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Cleerline™ Duplex Fiber Patch Cables offer reliable and high-speed connectivity ideal for telecommunications and data centers. These robust cables feature dual fiber construction, designed for durability and optimal signal integrity.

Suitable for traditional dual-fiber applications, Cleerline™ Duplex cables ensure easy installation and compatibility with various optical devices. Their built-to-last design withstands frequent adjustments, providing a dependable networking solution.

  • Telecommunications: Provides stable, high-speed connections essential for telecom infrastructures.
  • Data Centers: Ensures reliable data transmission with robust dual-fiber construction.
  • Enterprise Networking: Facilitates seamless integration and performance in corporate network environments.
  • Optical Network Deployments: Offers compatibility and easy installation with a variety of optical networking equipment.
  • Conform to IEC, EIA-TIA, and Telecordia requirements
  • LC and SC connector types, TIA color-coded
  • Riser rated OFNR jacket type
  • Custom configurations available upon request
Cleerline SSF™ Patch Cables

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