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Custom Patch Cables


Cleerline™ Custom Patch Cables provide exceptional durability and functionality. Configurable with LC, SC, or ST connectors and any cable from our bulk cable product line, these cables ensure your network experiences minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

These cables are designed for it’s versatility in any application allowing for maximum efficiency. Install with confidence knowing the cables are tested to industry standards prior to shipment.

Choose Cleerline™ Custom Patch Cable for reliable, high-performance connectivity you can trust.

  • Custom Installations: Perfect for tailored setups in specialized environments, offering flexibility and adaptability to specific networking needs.
  • Telecommunications Systems: Support robust and scalable networks for voice, video, and data communications.
  • High-Bandwidth Networks: Ideal for environments requiring high data throughput and minimal latency, such as financial services and research institutions.
  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home): Enable high-speed internet and enhanced digital services directly to residences.
  • Connector Options: Configurable with LC, SC, or ST connectors to suit various network requirements.
  • High-Speed Transmission: Ensures minimal signal loss for fast and reliable data transfer.
  • Flexible Configurations: Available in various lengths and cable type to meet specific network needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for use in data centers, office networks, telecommunications systems, and more.

Worked in fiber for 24 years

“I’ve worked in fiber for 24 years and I’ve never seen a fiber you can tie a knot in.”

Lead Service Technician, Blackfoot Communications