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Cleerline SSF™ Breakout Fiber delivers unparalleled performance in multimode OM3 applications, ideal for direct equipment connections without additional enclosures. Its individual reinforcement simplifies network setups and accelerates deployment.

Designed for ease of installation and enhanced durability, Cleerline SSF™ Breakout Fiber reduces the risk of damage during setup and maintenance. Choose Cleerline SSF™ for a future-proof network solution that offers both superior performance and safety.

Cleerline SSF™ Breakout fibers are fully compatible with all common connector systems for standard 50/125 µm multimode.

This product offers bend performance beyond EIA SP-2840A, as well as superior crush resistance and superior pull.

  • Direct Connections: Enables easy, direct device connections, reducing installation complexity.
  • High-Speed Capability: OM3 supports up to 300 meters, OM4 up to 550 meters, ideal for fast data transmission.
  • Enhanced Durability: Individually reinforced fibers ensure safety and reduce installation damage.
  • Efficient Scaling: Suitable for data centers and networks needing rapid scalability and high data rates.
  • SSF™ Dynamic Fatigue rating Nd = 30
  • High mechanical strength
  • 2 mm Subunits
  • Compatible with common connector systems for 50/125 multimode.
  • Manufactured to exact tolerances and specifications
  • Ultra low attenuation on tight bend radius

Worked in fiber for 24 years

“I’ve worked in fiber for 24 years and I’ve never seen a fiber you can tie a knot in.”

Lead Service Technician, Blackfoot Communications