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Cleerline Technology Group constantly strives to improve all forms of fiber optic technology, from the glass itself to tools and accessories.

From the largest data centers, to your office desktop connection, and now to your home’s TV, Cleerline is redefining fiber connectivity.


Cleerline Technology Group is an affiliate of D’Addario & Co. Over the last 40 years, D’Addario has established itself as one of the world’s largest musical accessories companies, including a full line of pro audio items and high quality audio/video cabling.

In 2004, Robert D’Addario started exploring how D’Addario & Co. could expand their innovative Planet Waves CableStation™ coaxial cabling system. This led to the 2005 launch of Planet Waves Custom Installation at CEDIA Expo.


Ease of Use

We chose to use fiber on all of our projects because of the versatility and future-proofing of the technology. We chose Cleerline because of the ease of use for our techs and durability of the cable. A+++

Christopher Sterle
Acoustic Design Systems

Planet Waves


During the early 2000s, Planet Waves Custom Installation established itself as a leader in connectivity solutions for the residential custom AV installer. The product mix evolved to include groundbreaking coax solutions built upon the original CableStation™ product, HDMI solutions, and speaker connectors. These parts and components were all built with the goal of making the installer’s job easier, more efficient, and more reliable.

However, by 2008, with the global recession in full swing, Planet Waves Custom Installation needed to creatively approach a distressed custom installation marketplace.

We are Cleerline Fans!

Cleerline and the people at Cleerline have been instrumental in helping to move our Fiber experience and success forward. Whether it’s the products or the people, all are top notch, professional and great to work with. We are Cleerline fans!!

Kim Michels
Electronic Environments NY


In 2009 Planet Waves established a strategic relationship with Custom Install Supply headquartered in Missoula, Montana.

Custom Install Supply began in the mid-2000s to supply and manage small parts for the custom installation market. The two principals, Ryan Prentice and Rick Sant, came from a long line of successful integration companies in the Pacific Northwest. During their years in the installation business, they realized one of their biggest hurdles was ensuring a $5 part would not hold up a six-figure project. Utilizing their experience as a cornerstone, they built Custom Install Supply.  Partnership with Custom Install Supply provided Planet Waves with new insight into the on-the-ground needs of integrators and gave rise to PWCIS.

Above and Beyond Expectations

Thank you SO MUCH for the LC ends!  Greatly appreciated and above and beyond expectations! Thank you guys so much for the help.

John Iveland
Alextronics Inc


The team at PWCIS knew success hinged on looking forward. They turned their attention to the next phase in connectivity: fiber optics.

It was clear fiber optic cabling presented challenges to the coming wave of system integrators and installers. Residential installers did not have the time to get up to speed on fiber optics. It was also clear that copper solutions were starting to hit the ceiling of usable bandwidth for high definition video transmission, and the required bandwidth for a home network would only increase in the coming years. Fiber was the future of connectivity, so PWCIS looked to provide the solution.

The goal was to create a fiber solution that could be pulled and handled like category cable and be as easy (if not easier) to terminate compared to Cat5 or Cat6 RJ45 connections. The result is Cleerline Technology Group’s SSF™ product.

With the development of proprietary GGP (glass, glass, polymer) fiber, Cleerline Technology Group was established in 2012 as a new company via the merger of Planet Waves Custom Installation and Custom Install Supply.

SSF Fiber

Today, Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cabling and components provide simple, end-to-end solutions for residential and commercial installations.  Whether installations are in commercial environments or a residential dwellings, Cleerline has the fiber optic components. From unique fiber optic cable to connectors, termination tools, enclosures, and more, Cleerline is Fiber Optics Redefined.