Level Up Your Fiber Education

Cleerline Level 2

Start out the new year by leveling up your fiber education!

Since its start in 2021, the Cleerline Training Academy’s Level 1 Certification Course has been accessed by over 1036 fiber users! System integrators, low voltage contractors, electricians, specifiers, and end users have developed their basic fiber systems knowledge conveniently and for free! Now, we’re excited to offer an opportunity to “level up” your fiber training: join a live Level 2 Certification class!

If you’re ready to grow your fiber skills or want a hands-on demonstration of SSF™ fiber termination, we encourage you to join the Cleerline Academy Level 2 Certification Course! This in-person training is conducted by Cleerline’s own fiber experts. Over of a 4-hour session, our staff will walk you through the benefits of using fiber, including IT/Datacomm applications and A/V signal distribution, as well as review the basic elements of fiber optics and key fiber terminology. Attendees will also receive a full overview of fiber and connector types.

Most importantly, the Level 2 class is very focused on SSF™ fiber termination! Each participant will get hands-on fiber termination practice, plus learn how to test fiber and read results. Learn to terminate and test Cleerline SSF™ fiber with confidence! Students will leave the course with their own SSF-FKIT02E Fiber Termination Kit and having taken the Cleerline SSF™ Installer Certification test. Visit our training page to find more class dates and locations!

Miss the Level 1 Class? This all-online course teaches users not only how to deploy fiber successfully, but variations in fiber cable construction and common connector types . Participants learn how—and why–to choose the correct connectors, fiber accessories, and enclosures.. Conveniently, the Level 1 Certification is available for FREE and entirely “on-demand.” Already a fiber expert? Take the final test and gain your certification without completing the modules! At Cleerline, we know the value of good reference materials, which is why we’ve made each module available to you even after you’ve finished your final test. We recommend completing the Level 1 Course online before joining a Level 2 session

Join the Cleerline Academy today to get started! Find us online at cleerlineacademy.com. Questions on Level 1 or 2 Courses or Academy? Please contact us.

Level Up Your Fiber Education