Dynamic Solutions for Broadcast Applications

Tactical Solutions from Cleerline SSF™

As a broadcast integrator, your competitive advantage depends on fast and successful deployment. Cleerline SSF™ fiber technology provides all the tools and cables you need for quick and dynamic connections! Our tactical solutions are ideal for your broadcast applications and projects. Need the high bandwidth fiber provides and installing on the fly? Pair SSF™ Tactical cables with the Tactical LC Connector System and portable cable reels to get cabling where you need it to go, on the go.

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Cleerline SSF™ Tactical Micro Distribution
Cleerline SSF™ Tactical Breakout

Tactical Fiber

Fiber optic cable is an excellent solution for broadcast networks. Fiber not only helps reduce latency, it also provides a better signal to noise ratio. There’s also significantly lower possibility of EM/RF interference. Most importantly, fiber provides greater bandwidth over any distance. You can move large files and higher resolution data faster, farther, and with less packet loss than through a category or SDI cabling-based network.

Great, we hear you say, but isn’t fiber fragile? Cleerline SSF™ is built with our patented polymer coating at the glass level, increasing our fiber’s strength and durability compared to traditional glass fibers. Our tactical cables also feature a robust polyurethane jacket for even greater strength, plus UV and chemical resistance! Need to leave your cable sitting outside in a stadium or on a set? Tactical is a great choice! Check out our available configurations for more information:

Tactical Breakout
Tactical Micro Distribution

Cleerline SSF™ Portable Reels

Portable Reels

If you’re moving from one site to the next, you need maximum portability. Cleerline Portable Reels provide easy cable transportation and reeling for all Cleerline cables (and other cabling). Reels are available in a range of sizes to fit your cable management needs.

Cleerline SSF™ LC Tactical Connectors

LC Connector System

The last thing you want is screens going dark because someone accidentally unplugged your connectors. Avoid this problem with the SSF™ LC Connector System. The rugged housing of the Tactical LC Connector is paired with a metal socket. The two components lock securely together (release with push tab). Additionally, the LC Connector System can easily be installed in-wall if needed, saving you time and further reducing the risk of damage. Sockets are available color-coded for use with single mode or multimode fibers, so you can always find the right connection.

Cleerline SSF™ Duplex Patch Cable


Looking for additional solutions? We also stock duplex patch cables in multimode OM3, OM4, and single mode OS2.

Looking for pre-terminated tactical cable on a reel? Contact us! We can help with customer patch cable configurations for all of our bulk fiber types.

Duplex Patch Cords
• Bulk Fiber

We’re here to make sure your broadcast application gets up and running smoothly! If you have any questions, contact the Cleerline Team.

Dynamic Solutions for Broadcast Applications