Case Study

Case Study: Installing Fiber in Adverse Conditions with Security 101

Using Cleerline SSF™ Fiber to Upgrade a Camera Network

Some installation conditions are more challenging than others.  This was particularly true for Security 101, a leading commercial integration company, on one fiber optic installation.  In our case study, learn how Security 101 was able to overcome an adverse environment and gain major savings in costs and labor by using Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cable.

For the project, Security 101 was tasked with upgrading analog cameras to IP cameras within a 10-block housing authority.  Sending PoE over the longest distance required fiber optic cable, which can easily handle high bandwidths over extended spans. 

Security 101 chose to install Cleerline SSF™ fiber.  Cleerline SSF™ fiber’s unique construction makes it stronger and easier to handle than traditional fibers.  These qualities were vital for this installation, which featured what Security 101 Lead Technician Frank Boutot called “…the worst conditions I’ve ever pulled cable in.”

Learn how Security 101 succeeded by reading the full case study.

Case Study