New 24 Strand Single Tube

Single Tube Cable

New 24 Strand Single Tube Micro Distribution Fiber in Stock Now

New from Cleerline SSF™: 24 Strand Single Tube Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable. This cable consists of 24 SSF™ Stronger, Safer, Faster-to-terminate optical fibers within a single distribution-style tube. Available in single mode OS2 or multimode OM3, Single Tube cable has a plenum-rated PVC jacket suitable for use indoors or outdoors in conduit.

SSF™ Single Tube cable’s outer diameter is a highly compact 3.1 mm. This is less than half the size of regular SSF™ 24 Strand Micro Distribution, which incorporates 2 subunits and a strength member for an outer diameter of 8.2 mm. Due to the smaller diameter and lack of subunits, Single Tube cable provides a lighter weight, cost-effective solution.

Single Tube is ideal for installations in data centers or similar environments. The individual fibers can be easily separated for termination into enclosures or terminal boxes. Single Tube is also ideal for MPO assemblies due to the lack of internal subunits.

Like all Cleerline SSF™ cables, the optical fibers incorporate patented SSF™ polymer coating at the glass level. The polymer coating protects the glass at all times, allowing safer handling and quicker termination.

Color Code

Color Coding

Each optical fiber is color-coded for easy identification. Fibers 1-12 are colored per TIA/EIA standards. Fibers 13-24 incorporate a black ink dot every 6 mm. When terminating Single Tube cable, we also recommend using a Visual Fault Locator (included in all SSF™ termination kits) to ensure correct fiber selection.


As with all Micro Distribution style cables, when terminating 24 Strand Single Tube fibers, consider whether the installation requires a fan out kit. In general, fan out kits are recommended if optical fibers will be exposed and/or may be accessed repeatedly. If terminating within an enclosed fiber tray, however, a fan out kit may not be necessary.

SSF™ 24 Strand Single Tube Fiber Optic cable is a convenient, space-saving solution for high-volume installations.

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  • 3.1 mm outer diameter
  • High mechanical strength, superior fatigue (nd = 30)
  • Up to 10,000x the bend longevity of traditional fiber
  • Integral SSF™ coating provides glass protection
  • Increased safety due to incredible bend insensitivity
  • Exclusive 250 µm Soft Peel acrylate
  • Convenient single tube construction for high-density applications
New 24 Strand Single Tube