Outdoor Terminal Boxes

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Outdoor Terminal Boxes, Indoor Terminal Boxes, and Adapters

Outdoor Terminal Box

In addition to bulk fiber optic cable, Cleerline offers the end-to-end solutions needed for installations, including outdoor enclosures and adapter plates. Along with indoor wall mount and rack enclosures, we now offer outdoor terminal boxes in a range of sizes.

Installing fiber in an outside-plant environment? Keep connectors, adapters, and splices protected by utilizing an outdoor terminal box.

All outdoor terminal boxes have a durable plastic construction designed to withstand the elements. Boxes are waterproof and dust-proof, offering protection up to IP65 levels. To prevent any water or dust incursion, rubber grommets are present in the door and at all cable entry points. Secure door closure is guaranteed with a key-locking mechanism, in addition to latches.

Inside, a hinged distribution panel allows two levels of cable management. Holders are present for adapters, pigtails, and splices. A cable entry clamp keeps the main cable protected upon entry. The interior design allows highly organized cables – no rat’s nests here.

Outdoor terminal boxes can be easily installed using wall anchors, which are included. Note that the SSF-OTB12, the largest terminal box, does include a grounding bar.

Outdoor terminal boxes are available in three sizes, accommodating 2, 4, or 12 feedthrough adapters. This translates to 2, 4, or 12 SC or duplex LC adapters, respectively. As LC connectors are smaller than SC adapters, a duplex LC adapter takes up the same amount of space as one simplex SC feedthrough.

Adapters are not included but are available in multiple styles (read on).

Indoor Terminal Boxes

Indoor Terminal Box

Looking for a small enclosure you can fit behind a TV? We now also have indoor terminal boxes. These small plastic enclosures are designed for compact spaces. Note that they hold only 2 adapter positions, allowing 2 SC or 4 LC connections. Boxes feature a sliding access panel within the snap-on cover. Cables are managed via a central winding panel.

Feedthrough Adapters

Our indoor and outdoor terminal boxes accept fiber optic feedthrough adapters. Feedthrough adapters are designed to securely hold fiber optic connectors, allowing easy fiber alignment. We have adapters in a variety of styles, including SC simplex, LC simplex, LC duplex, SC simplex, and more. As noted above, SC adapters have a larger footprint due to the larger connector size. Adapters are color-coded according to fiber type (aqua = multimode, blue = single mode).

For other applications, we also offer hybrid adapters in male LC to female SC configurations and vice versa. Keystone inserts with LC or SC ports are also available.

Adapter Options

Part NumberAdapter TypeStyleConnectorFiber Type
SSF-DLCLC-MMADPFeedthroughDuplexLC to LCOM2/OM3/OM4
SSF-DLCLC-SMADPFeedthroughDuplexLC to LCOS2
SSF-DSCSC-MMADPFeedthroughDuplexSC to SCOM2/OM3/OM4
SSF-DSCSC-SMADPFeedthroughDuplexSC to SCOS2
SSF-SLCLC-MMADPFeedthroughSimplexLC to LCOM2/OM3/OM4
SSF-SLCLC-SMADPFeedthroughSimplexLC to LCOS2
SSF-SSCSC-MMADPFeedthroughSimplexSC to SCOM2/OM3/OM4
SSF-SSCSC-SMADPFeedthroughSimplexSC to SCOS2
SSF-SCLC-MMADPHybridSimplexMale SC to Female LCOM2/OM3/OM4
SSF-SCLC-SMADPHybridSimplexMale SC to Female LCOS2
SSF-LCSC-MMADPHybridSimplexMale LC to Female SCOM2/OM3/OM4
SSF-LCSC-SMADPHybridSimplexMale LC to Female SCOS2
Outdoor Terminal Boxes