Busting Fiber Myths

Is it true that all fiber is always difficult to terminate, fragile, and expensive? No! This is just one of the common and persistent myths about fiber. This week, we’ve updated our Myths about Fiber page, discussing some of the common fictions surrounding fiber optic technology.

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Some highlights:

BUSTED: Fiber is difficult to terminate.

Not with Cleerline SSF™ Technology! Unlike traditional fiber optic cable, which still requires extremely careful handling, Cleerline SSF™ is designed for ease of use. The patented polymer coating at the glass level of Cleerline SSF™ prevents dangerous glass shards and makes the optical fibers more flexible. This allows Cleerline SSF™ optical fibers to be terminated in as little as one minute!

Our technology also means that extensive training is not necessary – you can get up to speed using our instructional videos.

BUSTED: Fiber infrastructures are totally different than copper

Nope! All the system components needed for fiber are pretty similar to the layout for Category infrastructure. Connect your cables to adapter plates in enclosures, wall plates, or other in-wall components. Cleerline offers a full complement of enclosures, adapter plates, keystone inserts, and more. Looking for help designing a system? Download our guide here.

BUSTED: Fiber is unnecessary

As we discussed when talking about the benefits of fiber, optical fibers have incredible bandwidth capacity. As bandwidth requirements continue to increase, fiber is key. Likewise, it’s the best option for handling increasing resolution demands!

BUSTED: 5G is going to make fiber obsolete.

Definitely not! Fiber is going to be key to 5G implementation. For more on this, we highly recommend Paving the Road to 5G with Fiber from the Fiber Broadband Association.

Check out the full Myths About Fiber Article today!

Busting Fiber Myths