Cleerline SSF™ Fiber Optic Enclosures

Enclosures and Adapters

Cleerline SSF™ Fiber Optic Enclosures and Adapter Plates

While we’re especially known for our SSF™ Stronger, Safer, Faster-to-terminate bulk fiber cable, we also make all the solutions you need to install and manage that cable. For higher-volume installations, we have a variety of fiber optic enclosures and supplies available to make cable management a breeze. We’ve also recently updated some of our existing enclosures for even easier cable access.

Rack Mount Enclosures

rack enclosure
SSF-2RU-E6 Rack Enclosure

Our updated 1RU and 2RU rack enclosures now have a screwless, fully removable top cover, and this feature will be extended to the larger enclosures soon. All rack enclosures also have a slide-out master tray. This allows full access to your cables, from either the front or the rear of the unit. It makes splicing and terminating extremely easy.

Our rack enclosures are available in sizes from 1RU-4RU sizes. To further assist in cable management, these enclosures also include multiple tie down points, as well as splice trays.

Wall Mount Enclosures

Wall Mount Enclosure
SSF-SWM-SPLIT-WL-E2 Small Wall Mount Enclosure

In addition to our rack enclosures, we also have a variety of wall mounted options available. Our updated Split Door Enclosures have key locks for extra security, plus dual compartments for clean cable management. Like our rack enclosures, above, Split Door Wall Mount Enclosures are available in a range of sizes. Depending on the model, each enclosure can also accommodate between 1-4 adapter plates.

Additionally, we offer some compact enclosure options for tighter spaces. Our Extra-Small Solid Door Enclosure is only 8” x 8” x 2” and accommodates one adapter plate. This is a great solution for small installations that require additional cable management.

We also have new Indoor Terminal Boxes, which accommodate only two feedthrough adapters. The SSF-ITB2 is only 1” deep, allowing it to fit in tight spaces. This is a strong solution for spaces behind displays.

Adapter Plates

Adapter Plates
SSF-LC12-MM-OM3-4 LC 12 Port Adapter Plate

All our enclosures are sold empty, which allows total customization to match the needs of your installations. We offer a wide complement of adapter plates, which are compatible with all our rack and wall-mount enclosures, as well as any other LGX-compatible enclosures. (Note that our indoor terminal box accepts feedthrough adapters, not adapter plates, due to size.)

Adapter plates provide multiple fiber ports within one small area. Basically, each plate contains multiple fiber optic feedthrough adapters, aligning all your connectors without the need for separate feedthroughs.

Plates are available for use with LC, SC, or ST connectors, and with ports available for 6-24 fibers. Single mode and multimode options are available with color-coding for easy identification. We also have blank plates available for dust management and a neater enclosure. Each plate has a push-in design, securely fitting into open enclosure spaces.

Cleerline SSF™ Fiber Optic Enclosures