New in November

New Product November

New in November

We’d say winter is coming, but here in Montana, we’ve already had one blizzard. On the bright side, November brings some new and updated products.

SSF™ HDMI Active Optical Cables

In case you missed it, our HDMI Active Optical Cables are shipping now! Featuring full 4K UHD 18 Gbps signal transmission, these cables can also be re-terminated with fiber optic connectors. If in the future a higher resolution is required, simply remove the HDMI connector ends, re-terminate the internal SSF™ fibers with connectors, and add any needed fiber balun.

Available in 10, 15, 20, and 30 meter lengths.

2 Strand Tactical Breakout Fiber Optic Cable

Shipping November! Tactical breakout fiber is ideal for rental or staging applications. It’s highly flexible, with a resilient polyurethane jacket. This new 2 strand cable is a breakout construction for extra easy termination (no fanout kit needed!). Available in OM3 multimode or OS2 single mode. It is the cable of choice for use with our Tactical LC Connector System.

Tactical LC Connector System

Shipping November! Protect SSF™ LC connectors with our heavy-duty Tactical Connector System (all items sold separately). The plastic housing pairs with a matched duplex socket, offering water resistance and dust prevention. Compatible with SSF™ LC connectors only!

Consumables and Hand Tools

Our new Armored Cable Slitting Tool easily cuts through armored cables like our Direct Burial Armored Corrugated Steel.

Also new, we now offer our Mechanical Slice Protectors with an Outdoor Cover option.

Updated Enclosures

We’re updating our Split Door Wall Mount fiber optic enclosures! Stay tuned: more details and updated spec sheets are coming soon. Our new split door models feature even better construction and cable management, plus key locks. Shipping in November!

As a result, most of our Solid Door Wall Mount Enclosures (with the exception of the newly updated SSF-SWM-SOLID-NL-E1 extra small enclosure) are EOL.

Cable Comparison Sheet

We’ve updated our Cable Configuration page with a new Cable Comparison Sheet. Download your copy to easily compare the features of all our cable types.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on features or availability.

New in November