InfoComm 2019 Wrap-Up

Setting up the new Cleerline SSF™ booth at InfoComm19

June was a busy month for us here at Cleerline!

If you visited us at InfoComm 2019, thanks for stopping by our new booth! We hope you were able to view our new fiber optic solutions and see a fiber termination demo.

If you couldn’t make it to the show, check out our InfoComm New Product Intros, shot by rAVe [Publications]!

Cleerline SSF™ Rugged Micro Distribution Fiber Optic Cable

Cleerline SSF™ Rugged Micro Distribution fiber optic cable is designed to withstand harsh installations ranging from external conduit to indoor riser spaces. This cable is riser rated and features a sturdy UV-resistant PVC dual-jacket construction, plus fiberglass and aramid yarns. Rugged Micro Distribution is available in either multimode OM3 or single mode OS2 with 2, 6, or 12 optical fibers. Shipping now!

Cleerline SSF™ Tactical Connector System

The SSF™ Tactical Connector system is a great solution for situations in which cables frequently need to be changed. This two-piece system is made up of a duplex LC male plastic housing and a female LC duplex aluminum socket. Of note: this system is specifically designed for SSF™ mechanical splice connectors only! Shipping in August!

Cleerline SSF™ 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables

SSF™ 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables feature 4 strands of SSF™ Stronger, Safer, Faster-to-terminate fiber optic glass for increased strength, flexibility, and durability. Shipping in September!

Thanks for your support in June!

InfoComm 2019 Wrap-Up