SSF™ HDMI Active Optical Cables


SSF™ 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables

For the very first time, Cleerline SSF™ is offering a line of 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables! We’re particularly excited about these new cables because they offer a strong, convenient solution for installers looking for longer length HDMI cable (maximum length is 30 meters). All of our HDMI AOC offer full 4K60 UHD and 18 Gbps support for the best quality in signal transmission.

SSF™ HDMI AOC are (of course) built with SSF™ optical fibers. That means the optical fibers in SSF™ HDMI AOC offer all the same benefits of other SSF™ cables, including up to 200 times the durability and up to 10,000 times the bend longevity over traditional glass fibers. Within the HDMI AOC, this translates to increased flexibility and fewer potential headaches during installation.

Our new HDMI AOC are also built with the newest HDMI chipset, which is designed to prevent heat build-up at the head of the cable and increase the cable’s overall longevity. This new chipset allows us to use a molded plastic head instead of an attached metal connector end.

To make installation easier, we’ve color-coded the cable heads and marked for Source and Display. SSF™ HDMI AOC have a plenum outer jacket for safe in-wall installation.

For full specifications, visit our HDMI AOC product page. If you’re at InfoComm 2019, come check out these new cables at Booth 3189. We’re expecting these to ship in approximately late July 2019.

SSF™ HDMI Active Optical Cables
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