SSF™ CLEERFIBER Installation Best of Show at ISE 2018

SSF Cleerfiber

SSF™ CLEERFIBER wins Installation Best of Show at ISE 2018

As advancements in technology and interior design have opened up new possibilities – and expectations – for clients to create exhilarating environments with integrated A/V systems, one factor has held back some of that potential: the visibility of cabling needed to unite all the components of the system. Now Cleerline Technology Group has eliminated that problem with the new, Installation Best of Show 2018-winning, SSF™ CLEERFIBER cable, which provides fiber optic speed and reliability in one clear strand of cable that can disappear into any setting.

Cleerline’s revolutionary SSF™ fiber optic cables have made it possible and profitable to include fiber’s unparalleled bandwidth and future-proof dependability in any A/V system by offering fiber solutions that are safer, stronger, and faster to terminate than any fiber product on the market. CLEERFIBER has now made it possible to discreetly connect components in almost any interior location with a cable that resembles fishing line.

SSF™ CLEERFIBER is a single strand of SSF™ 250 μm multimode fiber contained within a 900 μm transparent jacket. The cable can be routed and placed inconspicuously along baseboards or ceilings, up walls, or directed anywhere for easy indoor point-to-point cable placement. The cable can be caulked and painted over to allow it to become virtually invisible. SSF™ CLEERFIBER simplifies any installation project, delivering signals to equipment that was previously inaccessible without unsightly cabling.

Ensure the aesthetics of every project are as unbeatable as the technology and performance of the system with Cleerline’s new SSF™ CLEERFIBER fiber optic cables.

CLEERFIBER will be available in 75ft and 125ft reels, terminated LC/LC or SC/SC. Shipping soon! Preview the specifications here.

SSF™ CLEERFIBER Installation Best of Show at ISE 2018
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