Cleerline Technology Group Principal Shares Fiber Optic Insight with Sound & Vision Magazine

January 4, 2017 – Missoula, MT – With thousands of new 4k televisions set to be installed in the wake of the 2016 holiday season, the need for fiber optic connectivity is growing by leaps and bounds. Recognition of that need is also expanding beyond the professional AV integrator community and into the wider consumer electronics sphere, prompting an increase in interest in the topic across a broad range of constituents. In order to help all the various parties navigate the sometimes confusing realm of connectivity and fiber optics, Robert D’Addario, President and Managing Director of Cleerline Technology Group, shared his thoughts on the matter with leading AV publication Sound & Vision.

In this substantial interview, D’Addario provides insight on the past, current, and future evolution of fiber optics usage in many veins, from infrastructure applications such as fiber optics use by internet service providers, to technical concerns for integrators, to the boom in 4k displays and the “copper sunset” on the horizon.

“Just as substantial confusion over the specifications and requirements for “4k video” persists in the AV marketplace, so does the mysterious aura around using and installing fiber optic connectivity,” says D’Addario. “Cleerline strives not only to push the innovative and technical boundaries of fiber optic products but to be a thought leader in our industry, and the reach that a major publication such as Sound & Vision provides us is a significant contribution to that effort. We hope that many people in different aspects of the AV industry can benefit from the insight we have developed over the years.”

Sound & Vision is highly informative publication that benefits both the AV professional and end consumer, with a wide range of resources, from product reviews, how-to guides on purchasing and installing gear, and the latest news from around the AV world. Anyone with an interest in electronics can find valuable information from S&V in print or online: Sound and Vision

The best gear requires the most comprehensive knowledge, for end users and professionals alike, in order to provide optimal performance. Learn more about the fiber optics revolution in progress today from Cleerline Technology Group and Sound & Vision.

Cleerline Technology Group Principal Shares Fiber Optic Insight with Sound & Vision Magazine