Get Optimum Performance from Holiday 4K TV Purchases with Fiber Optic Connectivity!

(Marketwired – November 22, 2016) – With Black Friday knocking on the door and some stores already kicking off their pre-Friday sales, many holiday shoppers will find themselves with visions of ultra-high definition televisions and other home AV gear replacing the sugar plums . . . how disappointing for those visions to be less than HD-sharp due to inferior connectivity!

Prevent dissatisfaction with those shiny new big kids’ toys by making sure the displays are as crystal clear as possible — instead of copper-based options, insist on fiber optic cables, such as Cleerline SSF™, to connect the latest in AV technology and ensure their best performance now and into the future.

4K HD televisions are one of the hottest and most advertised gifts for this holiday season for good reason. The increase in picture clarity and dynamic color offered by this latest generation of display technology is truly a step above 1080p, enhancing live sports and programming set in outdoor locations in particular. However, the full benefits of 4K broadcasting cannot be realized if the connection between the source of the content (for example, satellite box or Blu-Ray) and the TV isn’t capable of transmitting the 4K signal at full strength.

Because even the best copper-based cables on the market today do not transmit data at a high enough rate to maintain 4K resolution at distances over fifteen feet, the signal will be compressed, thus decreasing the quality of the picture in both clarity and color. What looked like a window onto real life in the showroom will be just ordinary at home if the cables aren’t as cutting edge as the display itself, and fiber optics are definitely the leading edge of connectivity today. And the leading edge of fiber optics is Cleerline SSF™.

There are a variety of different 4K performance specifications available on the market now, and many AV professionals find the differences confusing. Selecting the best display for a user’s needs and budget is an important process, but regardless of the ideal display choice for each setting, ensuring the highest-performance 4K output requires the stronger, safer, faster connection of Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cables. The future-proof technology of Cleerline SSF™ can transmit data almost three times faster than the best copper cable available (Category 7) for distances over three hundred times as long.

Make the most of this holiday season’s deals on 4K TVs by investing in connectivity as cutting edge to match. Cleerline SSF™, the stronger, safer, faster fiber optic cable that delivers the highest quality 4K picture to your Black Friday technology deals.

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Get Optimum Performance from Holiday 4K TV Purchases with Fiber Optic Connectivity!